Carpet cleaning services - Sunshine Coast

Just Professional offer a range of carpet, fabric and floor cleaning services to homeowners and businesses across the Sunshine Coast. Our high quality cleaning services cover a range of surfaces that can be challenging to clean, including

  • Carpets
  • Rugs
  • Tiles & Grout
  • Upholstery
  • Mattresses

Our results speak for themselves...

An example of our work (all without having to lift carpet), in a room flooded by an air conditioning unit, requiring immediate remedy as the property was due to go on the market. Our process; water extracted, carpet cleaned, deodourised and treated with water stain neutralizer...

Water / flood damage to carpet

Water / flood damage to carpet

Water / flood damage rectified

Water / flood damage rectified

What our customers think...

"I have known Derek & Tracy for 8 years now. I have used their services within that duration for both carpet cleaning and pest control. Working in the Real Estate field, we are constantly in need of reliable, honest, efficient professionals. Derek & Tracy at Just Professional Carpet cleaning have always given 110%. Always there within short notice too. I have never dealt with a company that is so thorough, and a amazing at what they do. Carpet stain & odour removal I believe is their speciality. I cannot recommend Just Professional highly enough."

Megan McCaughey, Ray White Noosa River

Why use Just Professional CARPET CLEANING & PEST CONTROL?

Just Professional do not offer quick and cheap carpet cleaning. We offer a high quality (but value for money) service, that gets the job done right first time. Consider the following when comparing our services with other companies;

We use the appropriate cleaning agent for the fabric concern, with special wool safe and wool blend safe treatments available
(We don't use the same cleaner for all surfaces)

We use highest quality cleaning products
Although we offer great value, we don't cut corners in taking care of your carpets

We use the latest cleaning equipment
With its unique agitation brush that lifts the pile to get a better clean

Just Professional use a three stage cleaning process for superior results.
(See below for further information)

Carpets are damp (not wet) after cleaning, meaning you can re-enter after 2-3 hours
 (rather than exclusion for 12 hours + with other companies)

Call our friendly staff for a quote today...

The Just Professional 3 Stage Carpet Cleaning Process

We use a three stage cleaning process, using the highest quality cleaning chemicals and state of the art equipment. Our process provides superior results to those cleaning companies that apply cleaning chemicals and rinse in a single pass. The single stage cleaning process used by these companies delivers inferior cleaning results and can leave a residue of cleaning chemicals in the carpet.

Our superior 3-stage process:

  1. Pre-vacuum: To remove all loose dirt
  2. Pre-treatment: Chemicals applied directly to the carpet and allowed to work before removal (includes stain remover, cleaning agent and brightener)
  3. Extraction clean: Hot water extraction clean completes the cleaning process, removing all cleaning agents (leaving no residue)

The extraction clean only leaves the carpets damp, meaning you can start using the room again 2-3 hours. (Traditional wet cleans means you may not be able to re-enter for 12 hours or more).

Domestic and commercial carpet cleaning

Domestic and commercial
carpet cleaning

The Just Professional Tile & Grout cleaning process

Similar to our carpet cleaning, our tile & grout cleaning follows a three step process:

  1. Pre-treatment: Chemicals applied to the tiles and grout
  2. Elliptical clean and scrub: Chemicals are worked into the tiles and grout and dirt lifted
  3. Rinse & neutralise: Surfaces rinsed, remaining dirt and chemicals removed.

Tiles surfaces are dry in 30 minutes, so you can get on with your daily business.

Dirty bathroom tiles

Dirty bathroom tiles

Tile cleaning using start of the art equipment

Tile cleaning using start of the art equipment

Cleaning bathroom tiles after the Just Professional 3 step cleaning process

Cleaning bathroom tiles
after the Just Professional 3 step cleaning process