The products we use...

Cleaning Products

We use a range of different products depending on the surface we are cleaning, be it carpet, upholstery or tiles. Our range of cleaners for carpets and fabrics includes wool and wool blend safe products. For all carpet cleaners we also use a brightening agent to bring back that "good as new" look.

Pest Control Products

We only use products registered by the government (APVMA) that have been classified as safe to use in residential and commercial areas, around children and pets. We carry a range or products to allow us to select the best product for your particular situation - we certainly don't push one particular product. If you have a particular product in mind or wish to know more about the products that will be used at your property, our technicians are happy to discuss the options prior to any treatment. We also issue a pest treatment advice (information on the treatment) after the service, as required by law. If you wish to get a copy of the MSDS (material safety data sheet) for any product we use, please let us know.