End of lease
carpet cleaning and pest control treatments

All lease agreements include a carpet clean and pest treatment clause which require the renter to get the necessary professional services completed prior to the end of lease inspection. Whereas you don't want to spend any more more than necessary, it's important to get a quality treatment as you want make sure it passes the property managers end of lease inspection with ease...... to ensure you get your bond back! With our experience in carrying out end-of-lease treatments, you will get a quality, value for money service.

What's included in our end of lease package?

Most of our customers get us to carry out both the carpet cleaning and pest control. Not only do you get quality service and great value, you have the convenience of only having to deal with one company. Of course if you only want or need to carry out one of these services, we are more than happy to oblige!

We know moving house can be a stressful time so once you've engaged our services, we are happy to co-ordinate with the real estate agent (who can give us access to the property), so you can focus on the rest of your move. We can also send the proof of treatment directly to the real estate agent, so your end-of-lease inspection can proceed.

Carpet Cleaning

All carpets cleaned according to our 3 step process. This delivers quality results first time, which means it gets a big tick from the property manager at the end of lease inspection.

Pest Control treatment

Treatment carried out in line with the requirements of your lease agreement. If you have had a pet at the property, this typically requires a flea "exit treatment". This is great value when combined with our carpet cleaning services as our technician can carry out both services. This saves you money and provides the convenience of having both services complete in the one visit.

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Call our friendly staff to book your end-of lease carpet cleaning and pest control today!